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Friday, 8 July 2011

Article Ten

Please do take you Federal Constitution (Preferably the Current F.C)

Under Article Ten ; Freedom of speech, assembly & association

a) every citizen has the right to freedom of speech and expression;
b) all citizens have the right to assemble peaceably and without arms

But as they say, this is only applicable for certain people. Not for ;
a) Student under the government institutions
b) Government sectors employers/employees

Such Article is considered void if you are the above. VOID. Repeat. V.O.I.D

So who is really under the Federal Constitution?

Does your brother in UM or UiA considered applicable under this article?


Does your mother, who apparently works in a public school applicable under this article?


So who really is applicable under this article?

Public sector student/employee/employer?

So apparently, if we were born in Malaysia  & we a natural citizen. However,  if u want to have a freedom of speech and freedom of act/assembly u need to study in a private school. Work in a private sector? Privatize everything to get what they have promised to give.

So is that fair. Point being, what is the TRUE function of the Federal Constitutions?

Maybe they should put a warning label in front of the Federation such as ;

Warning ; Only few articles are applicable for the Public sector/students.

Did you know; 100% of our future depends on our future generations? What is the older generations teaching us by asking us to suppress our thoughts/feelings?

Did you know that our Federal Constitution has change/amend for more than a 100th time since the Merdeka Day. While United States has amend/change their F.C for less than 30 times.

We had just celebrated our 53 years of independence. That ladies and gentleman is as old as my grandfather, seriously.

But get this, America yes the land of the 'GLORY" has already celebrated their.. well They had their Independence on 4th July of 1776.

So you do the math.

Yes, they only change/alter/amend their Constitution for 20/30 times along the years of 1776 to 2011. Yes.


So what does THAT say about our Federal Constitutions?

P/S ; Have a look at the colour of our F.C. Hello, is that yellow I see ;D


Cangkul Emas said...

FC kawan akuh warna kuning!


warna BERSIH!

Evey Endy said...

Kuning juga warna daulat diraja bukan?

Evey Endy said...
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